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Are you a real Professor?

Are you a real Professor, people ask me quite often. I usually explain I am a professor in ukulology, but I am shure there are lots of people who know much more about ukuleles and still do not call themselves a professor. In fact the name Professor Peter came up when I startet playing with Doctor Dick as a ukulele duo. We wanted a name that was easy to remember, that sounded right and also had something to do with the music we played. There are more Doctors in music and more specific in Jazz, but…I never found another professor.

Untill I went looking for the expression “Jelly Roll”, an expression I found in a couple of songs. I found this wikipedia page about Jelly Roll Morton.

Apart from the information I was looking for about Jelly Rolls (it refers to certain female parts) I read about Jelly Roll Morton  to be a Whorehouse Professor. Now that was an interesting read!

The next quote I found on the Wikipedia page: Cornetist Rex Stewart recalled that Morton had chosen “the nom de plume ‘Morton’ to protect his family from disgrace if he was identified as a whorehouse ‘professor’.

Every brothel seemed to have  a pianoplayer playing live music.  They were called Professor and besides bringing entertainment their job might have been to indicate the rhythm of the work being done.

More research about this fenomenon brought new references. For example this one: 12 Essential Performances from the Piano “Professors” of New Orleans

So at last I found a connection between music and the title of Professor. But should I be happy with it? I mean, I cannot see myself playing uke in a whorehouse. You cannot attribute to the atmosphere with a small instrument now can you?

Special Events.

Prof Peter gladly announces his performance and workshop during Ukestock. A ukulele festival in the north of the Netherlands. For the first time an enthusiastic group in Groningen will  fill a weekend with ukuleles. Information can be found on their website and on facebook.

Prof Peter kondigt met plezier zijn optreden en workshop aan tijdens Ukestock. Een ukulele festival in het noorden van Nederland. Voor het eerst zal een enthousiaste groep Groningers een weekend vullen met ukuleles. Informatie kun je vinden op hun website en op facebook.

This year is the celebration of 100 years De Stijl a dutch artistic movement founded in 1917. Many dutch museums have special exhibitions dedicated to this art movement. In the city of Utrecht you can find a bandstand called de Klanksteen which is build using elements of De Stijl. This summer a special event will be held in the park and the bandstand. Prof Peter will provide music from the early nineteen hundreds, fitting to the era and the celebration.

Dit jaar wordt gevierd, dat De Stijl, een Nederlandse kustbeweging 100 jaar geleden is gestart met het oprichten van tijdschrift De Stijl. Veel Nederlandse musea besteden dit jaar aandacht aan de Stijl. In Utrecht staat een muziektent, de Klanksteen, die gebouwd is met gebruikmaking van elementen uit de Stijl. Deze zomer zal er een ter gelegenheid van 100 jaar de Stijl een evenement worden georganiseerd in de muziektent en het park er om heen. Voor passende muziek uit het begin van de jaren 1900 zorgt Prof Peter.