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A third duet with Floor.

I had the pleasure of singing a duet with Floor again. This song, called “Who Wouldn’t” has been recorded by Johhny Marvin in 1926 and as a duet by Aileen Stanley and Billy Murray. The music was written by Walter Donaldson, the words by Gus Kahn. It is great fun to do a kind of conversation while singing a song together.

This is already the third song we did together. I’ve been thinking about which next!

Here’s the other two, “Under the Moon” (This version can be found on my CD as well) and “Red Lips kiss my blues away”


Prof Peter’s CD reviewed

Two very positive reviews about my CD I picks up my ukulele were published recently. Obviously I am very glad about them. So I proudly present them in this blog.

The first one appeared in The Syncopated Times, a magazine about jazz and swing.

Click the link for enlargement: Syncopated Times 2017-09 recensie

And the next review appeared on the website of Ukeplanet.   Clicking this image wil take you to the review itself.

Twee erg positieve recensies zijn verschenen over mijn CD I picks up my ukulele. Met enige trots laat ik ze hier zien.

De eerste verscheen in het tijdschrift The Syncopated Times, een blad over jazz en swing. De twee werd gepubliceerd op de website van Ukeplanet.

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