Monthly Archives: September 2018

Music makes Friends

Yes that is true. Very often, in my musical career, I had the pleasure of meeting fellow musicians and people who were musically involved in other ways. All of them showed great creative quality, that often surprised and stunned me. And very very often I found out how kind and friendly they were.
While digging through old songs and looking for material to work on I sometimes find a song, that is not so well known, but proves to be a little gem. And than, my fingers start itching. I wanna do that song. Often not so much information about these songs can be found. Even for a Professor.

In moments like that it is a great privilege to have friends and contacts around the world. There is always one or two who can help me along. For example the song “Tappin The Barrel” by Ned Washington, Victor Young and Joe Young written in 1934. I could not find the lyrics somewhere on the web. So I tried to pick them up from existing recordings. Problem was, the song is sung with a slur; it is about a guy who is Tappin the Barrel,¬† so there you go. I got the priceless help of Andy Senior, the man behind The Syncopated Times and the Radiola podcasts¬†in getting the lyrics together. So, here it is!


When I was looking for information about a song called “What’s the reason” I got a few valuable tips from a man (I think his name is Bob Moke) who runs a YT channel called Musicprof78. And here is the result: