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Solo CD presented.

Winterswijk May 26, 2017. During the Ukulele Hotspot Winterswijk Prof Peter presented his first solo CD, called “I picks up my ukulele”. Ten tracks, all songs from the twenties and thirties, sung and played by the prof. Except the womans voice of course; that was done by Floor. Some of the songs could have been  heard live in the past year. But there are some brandnew ones as well.

Tijdens de Ukulele Hotspot Winterswijk presenteerde Professor Peter zijn eerste solo CD, getiteld:”I picks up my ukulele”. Tien liedjes gespeeld en gezongen door de prof. Behalve natuurlijk de vrouwenstem. Die is van Floor.

Some fragments can be heard here/Beluister hier enkele fragmenten:


Prof Peter presented his CD by giving the first to his pal Jens Müller, the same man who did the artwork for the cover.

Prof Peter presenteerde zijn CD, door het eerste exemplaar aan Jens Müller te geven. Jens heeft de hoes van de CD ontworpen.

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